About me

Hello my beautiful friend!

My name is Zoë, which stands for 'life'. Exactly what I'm trying to do in it: living it! I'm a practical free spirit, trying to get zen in a chaotic world. The rock 'n roll baby, the free festival child - from sandy beaches to city streets. Amsterdam is my homebase, the world is my playground. On my YouTube channel I share vlogs of my (digital nomad & travel) life and talking videos to optimize our mind, body & soul and create a better world.

I'm a creator by heart and soul. I love writing, photography and videomaking. I make videos for my YouTube channel, I'm the founder of Dutch platform www.modernehippies.nl and I'm a campaign & communication consultant in the online business. My writings come directly from the heart, so sometimes I write a blogpost for this website as well.

I also created an online shop, where you can directly support me by purchasing items.

This website is created to bring those things together.

I honestly appreciate every one of you looking at my videos and this website. Thank you for your positivity, love and support.

Let love rule.