Dear South Africa

Dear South Africa,

You got me, seven years ago. I studied and lived in your beloved Mother City: Cape Town. Till this day I don’t know why I was so drawn to you. I considered several countries, but - even before I saw you - I had a certain feeling for you.

The first time we met, was in 2010. You welcomed me with open arms. I lost sight of The Netherlands and fell completely and utterly in love with you, and everything that you brought.
Nature, hiking, swimming, cocktails, loving life, sun, kindness, openness, history, struggles, reconciliation, love-sick, sorrow, rainbow, studying, knowledge, beach.
I took it all in, was completely with YOU. I learned more in half a year than I ever did.
Cultural differences, pain, emotion, lust for life, having no expectations, entrepeneuring, daring to dream, poverty, wealth. Everything came in.

Life in The Netherlands generally takes a hold on me. But with you, I live. With you, I’m in the now. You know that I don’t have any difficulties with working hard, I work hard for something that I want. Yet, with you, I’m in balance. I don’t work like a maniac, as I do in The Netherlands, I go out more. I constantly meet new people. New cultures. Learn something new every single day. Something which created a wild, childlike spirit in me. My creative process only grows stronger. My joy in life grows 1000 times more.

You have that effect on me, do you ever realize that?

There’s no other place where I felt so much at home, like I did with you. Within a month, more than all those years in Amsterdam.
And I have to say: I missed you intensely, throughout all the years. There hasn’t been a week where I haven’t thought of you. Coming back, not once, but twice, now three times around, and staying here a bit longer has been quite intense for me. God, you’re still as beautiful as ever. With your crazy Table Mountain, wild sea and sweet inhabitants. I couldn’t wait to smell, experience and feel you again. Old classics combined with new adventures. Damn, you were good.

You gave me everything I was waiting for. You took my heart several years ago, and I will promise you, you will be my weak spot, until eternity. I won’t keep you waiting for so long the next time around, we’re simply a match made in heaven.


  • Wow, jij schrijft hoe t voor mij ook voelt. Ik zat maar 2 maandjes bij Kaapstad in de buurt, maar voel me helemaal verliefd op dat land. Ondanks de vreselijke dingen die ik daar ook gezien heb, de ongelijkheid tussen mensen, de vele zwervers en verslaafden, de overal aanwezige criminaliteit, de blijkbaar daar normaal gevonden mega natuurbranden in de bergen… het is een blijft een prachtig land, en wow, wat zou ik graag terug willen….
    Ik zag dat je Boulders beach ook bezocht hebt: mijn mooiste plekje op aarde.

  • This is a beautiful post, a true appreciation of life. Having a connection with a place is a magical and liberating feeling. A thoroughly enjoyable read,


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